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Detrailers was founded in 1986. That is when we built our first pressure power wash system. It is safe to say it is archaic by today’s standards, laughable even. But it was a start. And the start of something great. Ever since then we have constantly expanded, improved, re imagined and redesigned our systems to make sure we always provide the best product, and best opportunity for you. We have been first to market with many items and innovations and produce more types of systems for more applications than any other manufacturer. We have pioneered small, compact budget minded systems as well as some of the biggest, most outlandish custom systems that anyone has ever dreamed up, designed, and brought to life. Units like the Dominator, DBP600, Tri-Brid, Fol-D-Trailer and Detail Gator are all custom-built one-off systems that no one else has ever built, but they were all custom designs to fit exactly what the customer need to do. Needless to say, we are very passionate about what we do.


Obviously, you have found us because you are looking to start a pressure – power washing business, mobile truck or vehicle wash and/or detailing, or house/building soft wash business – or all of those.
So now you know a bit about us. Let’s talk about YOU! So many companies out there claiming to be the “best” and offering the “best system” and support – blah blah blah…..how do you know who to choose?? Well, the reality is you don’t. All you can do is do the most research and go with your gut. So here is the pitch on why you should go with Detrailers!

#1 We have been at this longer than anyone!

We were the first company to develop a mobile car wash and detail system. When we did that, there was no company offering one for sale, heck, there wasn’t even an internet! Not long after that we started building pressure – power wash systems. We can’t honestly say that we were the first to do that either, but at the time we weren’t aware of any other companies that produced them. If they did, they sure weren’t known in the market. More recently we looked at the soft wash industry and realized there was opportunity there for us to not only offer the system, but to make sure you don’t overpay for the system. There are several companies charging way too much for what they are. We were also first to market with an integrated on-board spot free rinse system. The bottom line is our knowledge is vast based on our over 30-year experience. This is a tremendous benefit for you.

#2 It’s not just about the equipment

You found us because you want to start a business or add to an existing one. Of course, you need the correct equipment to do that and that is what we are here for, but there is more to it. The right equipment is only a part of the puzzle. There is so much to know about the business you are starting, like pricing, application, advertising, marketing strategy and much more. We can help you make the right choices and avoid the wrong ones! We can make sure your business is efficiently making you the most money per your time…..and the best part is that it is free with any system we produce!

#3 You will never talk to a salesman or be oversold

This is a big issue. Of course, when we talk to new customers they are shopping around and provide us info on what is being offered to them. What mortifies us is what they are being told they need, or worse, not being told what they need. We remember what it is like getting in this business. Nearly everyone has a finite budget starting out and extra costs that are unnecessary eat into that, adding stress to your start up. Starting your own business should be fun, not a giant stress ball. Working with a realistic start up budget and keeping it in check is very important. If we see an item that we think you don’t need right away and can add later, we will tell you. If it’s something you will never need, we will tell you. If it’s something you absolutely need NOW, we will tell you. We will not try to sell you everything under the sun because it makes our commission higher – we don’t work on commission. In fact, you will not deal at all with a salesman. You will deal with an advisor that can work with you based on what you want to do and what your budget is. The advisor will ask you several questions to determine what system or application is best for you. Bottom line – we will never over or undersell you. Which leads us to our next point….

#4 More systems for more applications that any other company

Our philosophy is to build the system based on what the customer needs and wants, not try to fit the customer to a few units like the other companies do. We have built more systems that any other manufacturer and its safe to say that no 2 have ever been identical. Each customer always needs something different. This is why we do not stock units anymore, we tried that for a while, but it just never seemed that the unit we had in stock was exactly what the customer wanted. By doing this you also get a brand new, freshly build unit, not something that has been sitting around for months –one of our competitors sold a unit deemed new, but when customer provided the serial numbers to his insurance company some of the components had build dates from 3 years ago! Rest assured, the unit you buy from us is new! Something else you might notice is that there are companies selling pressure washing systems, some companies selling mobile vehicle wash systems and some companies selling soft wash or spot free systems, however, we are the only company that manufactures systems for all of those industries and can train/teach you on each and also advise you on which business or system is right for you! We can help you set up a business offering one or all of those options!

#5 Truck or Trailer?

Don’t want a trailer mount system?? No problem – we custom build systems to fit trucks, vans, SUVs etc. We are the only company that custom makes these and every one is designed to fit exactly what vehicle you have.

#6 We are always around, and always will be!

Another thing unique to Detrailers is that we try to make ourselves available to you anytime. This is great when you are starting the business because you will have tons of questions and need lots of advice, but what about after the sale?? Will we ghost you and be impossible to get ahold of?? Not a chance! – After the sale is when being able to get ahold of us is most important and we understand that. It would be quite aggravating going thru all the headache of getting started, investing the money, and then needing assistance, and then not being able to get in touch with anyone for assistance. Every system we sell comes with life time 24/7 toll free support.

#7 Worldwide shipping? NO PROBLEM!

We have shipped units around the globe!, Can any other company boast that they have put systems in Greece, Kuwait, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and many other worldly locations? – probably not, but we can! – We have shipped units to all 48 US states too. Getting a system to you, be it a truck mount or trailer mount, is easy peasy no matter where you are.