Congratulations! you have taken the first step towards financial independence. Starting and running your own business has many benefits and can be very rewarding. Want to fire your boss or just start something part time? A mobile business is an excellent way to go about this!  Did you know that mobile wash businesses are very easy to learn, start up and run? Did you know there is a huge demand for this type of business?? There are so many benefits to these businesses when compared to other start up businesses. Want more free time? want to be your own boss? - or maybe just need to supplement your income - a mobile wash business can do this!!


For over 25 years we have been involved with the mobile carwash & detail industry - the past 15 years, the pressure washing industry - and as of recently the soft wash industry - ( we say recently because soft washing is a relatively new industry) In each industry we have revolutionized the systems used for that particular business, innovating them and refining them and also combining them so that you, the end user will be able to offer different types of services and be able to generate MSI – multiple sources of income

We have helped thousands of people get started in these industries and our approach is considerably different than other companies you might have contacted. We are not sales people who use pressure tactics to try to sell you something you don't need. We are industry professionals that have owned and operated these types of businesses, so we know what works, what doesn’t, what is a waste of money, what is money well spent etc. We will consult with you and figure out the prefect plan of attack for you and what you will need

Everyone’s situation is different and we understand that.  This is why you will notice that we build more types of systems than any other company. We do not try to fit you to the system, we build the system to fit your needs and budget. We are also the ONLY company that builds systems and offers training and support for all of these businesses. We own our transport company too so shipping our system to your location is easy and affordable.


Unfortunately, not everyone has the required capital on hand to get started. Fortunately we offer financing plans. Again, we know everyone’s situation is different and our finance manager can take an application from you and see what type of financing is available for you. Rule of thumb, the banks won’t finance below $6k so just keep that in mind when picking out a system.


What is a home built system and why should you “beware” of them? A home built system is just what the name implies.... built at home…by someone who often times has no idea what they are doing when it comes to building a system like we build. Many of the systems we see are just standard utility trailers with equipment bolted on them . One of the most common, and most dangerous assumptions is that equipment + utility trailer = pressure wash/vehicle wash trailer. This is a dangerous assumption. Each of our trailer systems are “purpose built” meaning the trailer is specifically built for the equipment and purpose it is being used for. There are many factors to consider when designing a system - weight distribution, proper bracing, axle placement and capacity - the trailer needs to be set up properly for what it is carrying or it can fail with catastrophic results.  And then there is the actual equipment itself - we have seen so many systems with mismatched cheap components set up incorrectly with cheap fittings and hardware (NOTE - if you are considering going to Home Depot, Lowe's or Northern to buy a pressure washer and think it will work in a mobile environment, it won't - all of those units are designed to run on a garden hose, not a water tank - even if you can get them to draw, they wont for long and the pump will fail) The money you save buy someone else’s trailer could potentially cost you much more down the road. Plus, these systems do not come with a warrantee like all of our systems do. You will also miss out on having our experience, support and advice on starting and running your business. Obviously if you are buying used equipment, there is a good chance that person tried and failed to start a business. If it is a new system that someone is offering, make sure they have a company, website, or at least a toll-free number. If they don’t you are dealing with amateurs! Do not trust the future of your business with someone’s used or poorly built equipment.  DETRAILERS has been building units for over 25 years – we are the Real Deal!.

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