DETRAILERS Pressure Washing Systems

Want to start your own money making pressure washing business?? You have found the right company. We have helped thousands of people get started!  Here you will find specs for each pressure washing system we offer. We offer 6 different platforms. The Turbo Stinger is our most affordable entry level system. The DB204/404 are our cold water pressure wash systems in 300 and 400 gallon water capacity. The Dynamo is one of our best selling systems, hot water, 200 gallon single axle. The next step up from there is out DBP which is hot water 400 gallon on a dual axle trailer. If you prefer an enclosed set up, we build the best one in the industry - the DEP series. All of these trailers have a wide range of options and customization to find your needs and budget. We also offer the DVTP series which are cold or hot water set up made for trucks, vans and SUVs, each DVTP unit is custom built for your specific vehicle. 
                                   -Click on each picture for info on that particular system-
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