DETRAILERS Mobile Vehicle Wash & Auto Detailing Units

It goes by many names, Mobile Car Wash Trailer, Auto Detailing Trailer, Mobile Auto Detailing Trailer, etc. But no matter what you call it, DETRAILERS was the first company to pioneer the mobile car wash/detail system and bring it to market. Our very first systems date back to the mid 80's. All of our systems are custom built to order and we try to offer something for everyone's budget. We have helped thousands of people just like you start and run their own business!  Truck or trailer mount - 50-1000 gallon, a wide range of customization and options.  You can click each picture below  to see spec and option sheet for each unit. The Economax units are the most affordable units in the industry and feature high quality generic pressure washer and generator engines. The Super Stinger units are the same platform as the Economax but with Honda power. The DB series are our most popular start up units and feature 3 different variations (DB/DB PLUS/DB400) Our DE series offers a great system in an enclosed trailer and the DVT units are our van, truck, SUV mount systems and are custom made to fit your particular vehicle.
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